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Awards Entry Form

Awards are open to and will be presented to Member Stations, which in the opinion of the judges, have met the criteria of the award selected within the current broadcast year. Please briefly describe why you think this entry/nomination is worthy of recognition. Submissions are accepted by filling out the electronic form and uploading files.

Entry Guidelines:

  1. OAB Awards are open to all member stations and no entry fee is required.
  2. Fill out the entry/application form completely.
  3. Attach a detailed description of the entry along with audio/video of the ad campaign.
  4. Please upload via this form.
  5. All entries become property of OAB. Submitting stations are advised to make a copy of each entry for their own files prior to submission.
  6. To be eligible, entries must have run between September 1, 2021 to August 31, 2022.
  7. Entries must be received by Monday, September 19th. Awards will be presented at the OAB annual conference, October 18-19.
  8. Winners will be contacted and names will be released at the OAB annual conference.



You must provide details of the BEST IN CLASS Sales initiative with reference to:

  • In 200 words with input from your GSM please detail why your presentation should win the Best In Class award.  (include presentation, digital asset & all creative with entry)
  • Campaign must have run a minimum of 13 weeks
  • Identified clients’ objective with campaign and how it would be successful.
  • Include details:  received a testimonial from a satisfied client, first time on air client, new client using radio elsewhere, sold both Broadcast & Digital, used a spec and or screen shot., on-air promotion for client only (giveaways), on-air promotion for station & client (ratings) and did the client renew.

  You must provide details of the COMMUNITY SERVICE initiative with reference to:

  • How the project was initiated and the objectives
  • Application of originality and creativity
  • Role of the station in the overall project
  • Investment of the station in production, airtime and staff involvement
  • Overall benefit to the community and/or specific groups, including how results were measured
  • Letters of support, testimonials or other recognition

  You must provide details of the CREATIVE initiative with reference to:

  • One entry per person and may submit up to 3 commercials
  • Entries must be written and produced by the radio station staff.
  • Entry must not exceed :60 seconds in length.
  • Entry must be either Brandsell for a client or a PSA for a not-for profit organization.
  • Entries will be judged on listener engagement, use of production, is it unique, message clarity.

  You must provide details of the STATION PROMOTION initiative with reference to:

  • Application of originality and creativity
  • Run Cross-platforms (i.e. online component)
  • Impact in the community, focused
  • Multi-faceted (use of many station resources)
  • Show Promotion benefits to station, listeners, sponsors and/or revenue
  • Meets multiple programming goals