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The first organizational meeting to form a regional association for the Central Canada region (Ontario & English language stations in the province of Quebec) was held in Toronto December 3, 1950. Attending that meeting were Harry Sedgwick, Ralph Snelgrove, Lyman Potts, Tom Quigley and CAB President Jim Allard. The purpose of the meeting was to –

  • foster and promote the development of private radio among Ontario and English language stations in the city of Montreal.
  • encourage interchange of information between stations, help them develop their operations, and protect their interests.

Ralph Snelgrove, CKBB Barrie was the first CCBA President. It is interesting to note that one of the first major issues the association dealt with was “performing rights”. CCBA was not the first regional association – the Western Association of Broadcasters was formed in 1934. The association has continued as a voluntary, not-for-profit association for the past 49 years. In 1995, the association changed its name to the Ontario Association of Broadcasters to better represent its constituents – radio and television members in the province of Ontario only.