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Ontario Association of Broadcasters represents Ontario private broadcasters at the local, municipal, regional and federal levels, and delivers members tangible benefits through:
  • Working with Government and stations to improve Amber Alert System
  • Liaison with educators to improve/enhance broadcast education
  • Liaison between broadcasters and provincial government
  • Liaison with regulatory bodies
  • Provide a platform for Ontario Broadcasters to meet and create training opportunities and communication
  • Coordination regarding technical issues

Administrative Framework

The Association’s affairs are managed by a board of directors, representing radio (large and small markets), television, corporate organizations, and directors at large. The President, Past-President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Executive Director make up the executive committee. Directors are elected for a two year term. Most of the Association’s work is handled by committees – conference & awards, emergency alerting, education liaison, government, membership, radio works, and training and development. The association has never had any permanent staff. From 1960 -1972 the OAB Toronto office provided headquarters for the association when Ruth Hancock served as its Executive Secretary. When Ruth left CAB in 1973, Gerry Acton continued to fill her role until the CAB closed its Toronto office in 1974 and Gerry moved back to Ottawa. The CCBA board decided it would like the CAB to continue to act as its central location on a fee for service basis and Gerry was asked to continue in his role as Executive Secretary. When Gerry retired in July 1991 the board requested, and he agreed to continue as the association’s executive director. The OAB staffing needs were subsequently filled by an administrative company. In January 2006, the Board of Directors hired Valerie Skivington as Executive Director.