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Member Benefits

The majority of privately owned radio and television stations in Ontario are members of the OAB. They understand the value of maintaining strong liaisons with local and provincial government. After 50 years of service, the OAB is at a critical stage of its development. In this time of consolidation, it is more important than ever to ensure broadcasters have a voice at the local and provincial level — especially in Canada’s largest province.


Ontario Association of Broadcasters represents Ontario private broadcasters at the local, municipal, regional and federal levels, and delivers members tangible benefits through:

  • —Working with Government and stations to improve emergency alerting
  • —Liaison between broadcasters and provincial government
  • —Liaison with regulatory bodies
  • —Liaison with educators to improve/enhance broadcast education
  • —Provide a platform for Ontario Broadcasters to meet and create training opportunities and communication
  • —Coordination regarding technical issues

1. Representation and promotion of Ontario broadcasters to all stakeholders

Both corporate and independent operators continue to require representation on regional issues at the CAB.  Ontario is Canada’s largest province with the highest concentration of radio and television broadcasters.

2. Ontario broadcaster’s watchdog at the municipal, provincial and federal level

There is a great deal of work to be done in Ontario around a broad range of issues. The Ontario provincial government can seriously impact broadcasters. Issues such as law, regional production permits, tax funds and cultural policy are set at the provincial level. Ensure your voice is heard. OAB membership grants you access to our annual meeting with CRTC staff and commissioners.

3. Annual Conference that educates, informs and rewards broadcasters in Ontario

The OAB hosts one of the best regional conferences in Canada. The workshops and speakers focus on practical applications and issues that broadcasters, and in particular programmers, can take back to their markets. The prestigious OAB Awards recognize outstanding achievement at every level of broadcasting in Ontario. OAB membership entitles you to a discounted conference rate.    

Categories and Fees


  • $500 per year + HST for the first station, plus $100 for each additional station under common ownership in the same market


  • $1,000 per year + HST for each station


  • $2,500 per year + HST for each large market station
  • $1,000 per year + HST for each small market station
  • $5,000 per network


  • $150 per year + HST


  • $100 per year + HST


  • $50 per year + HST